Spiritwood High School Green Team

The Green Team is a mix of about 30 students and staff who do a variety of activities within the school to promote respect, responsibility and safety within our school. We have bi-weekly meetings to discuss concerns and ideas that the students would like to bring forward to make our school a better place for all. There is a draw box where students can have their names entered if they are caught showing respect, responsibility or safety. Draws are made at the end of every month for gift certificates from our local businesses. The Green Team also hosts games in the library weekly and we have started motivational Mondays with a muffin program. This is where students will each get a free muffin with a motivational message that the Green Team came up with for our 197 enrolled students. Staff also receives this incentive.

Motivational Mondays with a Muffin

This is our latest and greatest idea that we have come up with to show each and everyone in the school that they are cared for and for everyone to receive a motivational message to start their week off on the right foot.


I Am Stronger

I Am Stronger is a social movement, a call to action to stop bullying and cyberbullying in our communities. As an organization that believes in the power of change and that we can all make a difference, SaskTel wants to take a stand and help lead the change by starting a conversation, sparking change and connecting those of us who are willing to put ourselves on the front lines of the fight against bullying.


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I Am Stronger month is back!
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