Clusters of Kindness

Here at Lakeview we focus very strongly on kindness. We have created a group called "Clusters of Kindness", where we will be delivering bouquets of flowers to strangers, those who could really use some sunshine in their day, and we would love to be that ray of sunshine for them!! We will deliver to the sick, senior citizens, foster parents and many more.

A few new deliveries!

We do deliveries 3 times a week. Our last 3 deliveries were to a hospital patient who has spent a lot of time in the hospital, and just needed someone to brighten her day. A doctor that is a lady who tirelessly takes care of our community and the people in it, with no where near receiving the appreciation she deserves!! And a Cancer Survivor who will let NOTHING stop her!! The students are learning valuable lessons about kindness, and that we do not need to spend all kinds of money on people to let them know just how special they are.


I Am Stronger

I Am Stronger is a social movement, a call to action to stop bullying and cyberbullying in our communities. As an organization that believes in the power of change and that we can all make a difference, SaskTel wants to take a stand and help lead the change by starting a conversation, sparking change and connecting those of us who are willing to put ourselves on the front lines of the fight against bullying.


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Surprise delivery to a foster parent.
Surprise delivery to a foster parent.
Surprise delivery to a foster parent.
On their way to deliver a Cluster of Kindness!
On a mission to spread some kindness!
Delivery to a doctor.
Delivery to a doctor.
Delivery to a cancer survivor.
Delivery to a cancer survivor.
Delivery to a cancer survivor.
Bouquet of  flowers.
Delivery to an appreciative senior.
Delivery to our Principal
At the Health Clinic.
Delivery at the Health Clinic.
8-1 (4)
8-1 (5)
Random deliveries.
Delivery at the Door of Hope.
11 (4)
11 (5)
Going to deliver to Lakeviews very own Baba.
Deliviery to Lakeviews Baba.
Random delivery on Main St.
Random delivery on Main St.
Surprising our principal.

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