Charlebois Community School

Charlebois Community School offers a Pre-kindergarten to grade 12 program.
The school has provided education for Cumberland House since 1890 and takes great pride in social opportunities for students.

Okisewatis (Kind Club). The idea is to promote, teach and instill kindness in the school, community and at home. The students in Grade 7 will engage and lead activities such as baking and creating crafts and cards for others. We will also perform kindness skits at the school for others. By being involved in a skit the students will learn about acts of kindness and hopefully pay it forward. The idea is to empower and develop character in our youth.


I Am Stronger

I Am Stronger is a social movement, a call to action to stop bullying and cyberbullying in our communities. As an organization that believes in the power of change and that we can all make a difference, SaskTel wants to take a stand and help lead the change by starting a conversation, sparking change and connecting those of us who are willing to put ourselves on the front lines of the fight against bullying.


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