Harvest City Christian Academy

Harvest City Christian Academy is a K-12 school in Regina, Saskatchewan. We are committed to creating a culture of kindness in our school where every student feels like they belong and are valued! We are working together towards this common goal, because together, we are stronger!

Together with our Student Leadership Council, we are promoting kindness and belonging through various activities in the school. At a school wide assembly, students have taken an Anti-Bullying pledge. We held a t-shirt design contest and printed shirts for every child in Kindergarten through grade 7. Once a month, we come in our pink shirts to celebrate Friendship Friday, where students in Elementary get go connect with High School classes to do fun and engaging student-planned activities together and build relationships!

There are so many ways to show kindness to others, and at HCCA, we want to promote excellence in this endeavor. It only takes one small act to brighten someone's day, to build someone up, and to let them know they matter!

Pink Shirt Day

We held a school wide anti bullying assembly on Pink shirt day this year. Students came dressed in their pink shirts, designed by one of our students, that funding from I am Stronger helped us get printed for students and staff! We welcomed Adam Hicks as our guest speaker who shared an inspirational message to students about the power of THINK-ing about your actions.
Are your words...
T - Thoughtful?
H - Helpful?
I - Inspiring?
N - Necessary?
K - Kind?


I Am Stronger

I Am Stronger is a social movement, a call to action to stop bullying and cyberbullying in our communities. As an organization that believes in the power of change and that we can all make a difference, SaskTel wants to take a stand and help lead the change by starting a conversation, sparking change and connecting those of us who are willing to put ourselves on the front lines of the fight against bullying.


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2202 8th Avenue, Regina, SK, S4R 2K4
(306) 569-1935

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Our T-Shirt Design Contest Winner!
Students in grade 2 with their pink shirts taking our anti-bullying pledge!
Some grade 7 students pledging against bullying!
Some grade 5 students pledging against bullying!
We love our pink shirts!
Some of our staff sporting their Pink Shirts.
One of our Kindergarteners taking the pledge.
Parachute fun!
Gr. 9 and Gr. 1 sharing a snack after their activity!
library activity crop

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