Apply For A Grant

Have an idea that you think will help make a difference in your school or community? Need a little start up funding to help get you there? We can help.

The I Am Stronger Community Grant program can help you get your idea off the ground and turn a grass roots idea to influence change into a solution to promote kindness and prevent bullying. You're the brains of the operation- let us be your wing man.

Get started by creating a community page, and we'll walk you through the rest of the process!

Start a Community Page

An easy way to share your voice with the world, I Am Stronger Community Pages let you plant your flag in the ground and let everyone know that your school, group or community are a part of the I Am Stronger social movement. Collect pledges, connect social media through the I Am Stronger hashtag application, and even upload your own content, videos and information to share with the world around you.

It's a simple sign up process with tutorials and I Am Stronger web support to help you along every step of the way.